How many of your leaders and teams are at the top of their game?  Want more of them?

90% of top performers are considered to be highly self-aware. - Forbes
What sets highly successful leaders - and teams - apart?  One of the most critical elements is  self-awareness, according to recent research.  For example, poorly-performing companies’ employees are 79 percent more likely to have low overall self-awareness -- David Zes and Dana Landis, A Better Return on Self-Awarenes

High-performing leaders know their strengths and how to leverage them.  They own their weaknesses and know how to overcome them.  They're good at understanding what motivates different types of people and how to communicate most effectively with them.  They're better at collaborating.

The bad news: most people are not that self-aware.  "Research has shown that 95% of people think they’re self-aware, but the real number is closer to 10% to 15%."  The good news: self-awareness can be developed.  

Where can you start?  
Insights DiscoveryTM
 is a highly-rated and accredited development tool used by over 4 million people.  It jump starts the development of self-awareness and how to leverage it.   The programs provide leaders and team members with a rare opportunity to see themselves as others see them... to develop a shared language around communicating.. and to advance their people skills. 

How can it help your business?  Properly deployed, it improves leader and team communication and enhances a collaborative business culture.  Leaders develop their engagement skills and teams improve their conflict resolution and decision-making. 
NextBridge Consulting has worked for 20 years to help rapidly changing, high-growth clients develop talented leaders and turbocharge innovative teams.  This experience makes us uniqely qualified to bring Insights DiscoveryTM to your organization.  We tailor our programs around your needs, always with an eye to addressing both today's challenges and what's next in your quickly evolving business.

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Are your new leaders struggling to figure out how to lead and motivate people?  Are your more experienced ones having some trouble navigating the changing employee engagement needs?  Do your leaders need a common language and skills to help them build a more collaborative culture? 

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How can you accelerate cohesion and collaboration when new teams are formed?  How can you get a difficult team "un-stuck?"  Or boost the energy of existing team tasked with new challenges? 

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Getting ready to make some difficult business changes?  Does your culture support your business goals and strategy?  Are old divsisions and relationship habits getting in the way of building a more collaborative and productive environment?

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